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Jaguar’s objective in launching the X-Type was to take market share from the well-established German rivals and to move Jaguar into new market segments.

The X-Type was Jaguar’s most successful model in terms of units shipped throughout most of its production run from 2001 to 2009.

Compact and relatively affordable compared to Jaguars other models; the X-Type also featured all-wheel drive, which set it apart from its competitor’s entry level luxury sedans.

The design of the X-Type design is very elegant, offering the feline mysteriousness of Jaguar's pricier models, as well as a smooth road performance and a less restricting interior space. The cabin also has a real Jaguar look and feel to it, as it contains both wood and leather on some of its trim levels.

When the model was first launched there was some criticism saying that the X-Type was a Ford Mondeo in a Jaguar skirt, in fact the X-Type only used around 20% of Mondeo components (Fords policy at the time was to use common components across the whole range of the company including Lincoln and Aston Martin). The X-Type was very much a Jaguar in terms of style and drive, in fact the AJ-V6 engine was unique to the X-Type; one notable addition being  variable valve timing, it was also set apart by use of SFI fuel injection.

Jaguar recently announced they were considering plans for an X-Type replacement to compete with the BMW 3 Series; it would be placed below the XF model in terms of pricing but not likely to be seen before 2014.


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