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 The Reasons to Own a Land Rover Discovery 3

One of the most critically-acclaimed and well liked 4x4s, the Land Rover Discover 3 is a vehicle that combines the best in reliability, performance, price, and availability into one. As a 4x4, it drives exceptionally well in rough, off-road terrain, but it also feels right at home on regular roads, as it's characterized by its smooth handling and feel. Its air suspension allows it have a nice and controlled turn around corners, while also maintaing an absence of roll. In addition, its steering is quite responsive and accurate.  
Big in size, the Discovery 3 embraces its off-road capabilities and design.  One of its main advantages in comparison to other 4x4s is that it offers a version with seven seats, which can come in handy during camping or road trips, allowing for either an extra passenger or extra storage space.  Even with seven seats, it still contains plenty of leg and head room, as well as various cubbies and gloveboxes for extra storage.  Both the interior and exterior design of the car is sophisticatedly British, as it looks absolutely gorgeous, with the quality strikingly evident.  
Available in three models, the S, SE, and HSE, it also provides a choice of VG, V8, or Turbo-Diesel engines. In addition, its 4-wheel drive system option has been praised for its incredible off-road capabilities. Part of its allure is that it has adjustable electronic, air suspension, and gearbox controls that can be customized to your terrain and personal preferences.  Its current price on the used market is almost a steal, as you can find almost-new versions at very affordable costs. As with all luxury vehicles, you can expect plenty of bells and whistles in the car, even in the standard versions.  Its HSE version, for example, includes a premium sound system, a three-section sunroof, and a GPS system.  
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