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The Land Rover Discovery was first introduced into the United Kingdom in 1989 with two engine types - a 2.5L 200TDi and a 3.5L Rover V8. These two engines were replaced in 1994 by a 2.5L 300Tdi 4-cylinder and a 3.9L V8 Rover engine which was later replaced by a 4.0-liter V8 in 1996. This was also the same year that the Discovery became available in the United States and, for the first time, came fitted with airbags.

Initially, the Discovery was available only as a 3-door version. A 5-door version was introduced the following year. Both were fitted with five seats with the option to have two further seats fitted in the boot. This 7-seater especially made a great impact capitalising on the emerging MPV phenomenom.

The Discovery is one of the most capable off-road vehicles and, with typical Land Rover go-anywhere bravado, it will do whatever you ask of it. It shares many parts with the utilitarian Defender and the Range Rover Classic. The Discovery interestingly shares many of the same attributes as the famed Range Rover, except for the upscale price tag of course.

The stepped roof and wrapped rear window style gives the Discovery a distinctive, conspicuous look that makes it stand out in a crowd. Aftermarket parts for this model are plentiful, relatively cheap and easy to find while maintenance is on the cheap side too. The Discovery 1 was eventually retired in 1998 to make way for an even more improved version, the Discovery 2.